University of Chicago Health Plan

The University of Chicago Health Plan (UCHP) offers comprehensive health care and benefits to the faculty and employees of the University of Chicago and UChicago Medicine and their families. UCHP covers medically necessary care provided by UChicago Medicine physicians, specialists and other health care providers. UCHP has partnered with Aetna to administer your health plan since 2017. Aetna helps UCHP provide customer service and medical management services for its members.

New! Members will now have access to UChicago Medicine Advent Health

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Urgent Care Clinics! UCHP Members will now have access to additional member Urgent Care options.

How It Works

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UCHP is a self-insured employee benefit plan designed around all covered treatment being provided by UChicago Medicine (UCM) facilities and providers including the University of Chicago Medical Center and Ingalls.

Each member must choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) from the UCHP PCP network and all patient care is coordinated and managed through this physician in conjunction with the Utilization Management Professionals at Aetna, on behalf of UCHP. If deemed necessary, for optimal patient care, referrals to specialists will be arranged by the UCHP PCP.

UCHP members are given priority when scheduling appointments.

Aetna Information

The University of Chicago Health Plan (UCHP) has contracted with Aetna to administer UCHP plan benefits. UCHP continues to provide comprehensive health care benefits through UChicago Medicine facilities including the University of Chicago Medical Center and Ingalls. As the UCHP administrator, Aetna simply helps UCHP provide customer service and medical management services. Aetna also enables UCHP membership to better access health tools, resources and programs, such as a 24-hour Informed Nurse Healthline and online access to Plan information. 

Aetna’s Member Service Representatives are ready to help you. You can contact a Member Service Representative by calling 855-824-3632. They are here to answer any questions you have about UCHP coverage Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You can go to the Aetna DocFind site for UCHP to find a listing of the UCHP providers that are available to you and your family, or log in to your member website at

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