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Provider Information

As part of the UCHP Provider Network, you play an integral role in caring for our members. To assist you, below are links to important UCHP provider materials. Should you have additional questions, please contact Aetna's Provider Service Line at 888-632-3862 or online at

UCHP Documents
UCHP Precertification List effective 1/1/17
UCHP Provider Manual effective 1/1/17
UCHP Provider Quick Reference Guide effective 1/1/17
UCHP Ancillary Tier One List effective 7/1/17
UCHP Specialist Roster effective 7/1/17

UCHP/CVS Documents
CVS Performance Drug List effective 4/1/17
CVS Specialty Guideline Management Drug List effective 1/1/17
UCHP/CVS Prior Authorization and Override Process effective 1/1/17
For additional information pertaining to UCHP's prescription drug coverage, contact CVS Client Connect at 800-552-8159