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Your Primary Care Physician

As part of your coverage with the University of Chicago Health Plan, a Primary Care Physician (PCP) must be selected for each of your family members. Your PCP is responsible for coordinating all of your health care benefits covered under plan. When making an appointment, please have your UCHP/Aetna member ID number available, which can be found on your member ID card. New member ID cards were sent out during the transition to Aetna so please make sure to disgard all old cards and present your new UCHP/Aetna ID card when seeking medical services.

UCHP PCP List for University of Chicago Employees*
UCHP PCP List University of Chicago Medical Center Employees.pdf*

Below is a link to the custom Aetna DocFind site for UCHP. On this site you will find a listing of the UCHP PCP's that are available to you and your family.

* Attention UCHP Member - please make sure to click on the correct PCP list below for your employer group to ensure accuracy of the eligible PCPs you can select from.